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Hi! Got the physical at my FLGS and was wondering if I could get the pdf by any means? 

What is your local store? 


Well, not "mine", they dont have anything beyond d&d. got it on holidays in Copenhagen at Faraos Cigarer, about two weeks ago. 

Thank you for sharing that. I didn't know that -anyone- was handling it at that level. 

email me at


Got my physical copy and "played" it the whole way in one sitting despite not being an artist at all. If you can afford to get the physical book I'd highly recommend it, the paper is excellent for even heavy handed drawers and it's just so cool to have a completed game book to show others. I knew it was going to get dark but it went into a direction I really did not expect with that darkness. 

It's also unironically very good inspiration for thinking about perspective.

You did the whole thing in one go!  Wow!  

The big twist for me is that last sentence of yours.


Charming until it's off-putting, cozy until it's ominous. I'm reminded of the old walking sim, Dear Esther. Gonna buy a physical copy and shuffle it into my local library's stacks. Anachronisms like little windows into a different universe. The gradual descent into stoic incoherence. Poetic, grim, delightful.

Was this created by a vampire 🧐?


I love such conceits and metafictional designs. It's so close to being perfectly of its time but that one anachronism stands out... (I'm sure you put it in intentionally) I also wish there were more of an implied narrative, but c'est la vie.

On the other hand, I can't say my perspective drawing skills will be improved much.


There are a goodly number of anachronistic bits and, even better, things that feel like they probably are anachronistic but you just can't be certain.


This was quite a thing. I read through all of it today and raised my eyebrows several times and felt more and more uncertain and uneasy. 13/10, no notes.


My goal is to get you to raise your eyebrows so high that someone has to wipe them off your back.


So I'll add this to actual GoodReads later this evening, and things will get really complicated.


<nervous laughter>

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Having to think how to add the book and in what way, already felt like me playing a game.. in the end I've added it as a 'real' book, and slightly edited the fake GR review to function as the description. I would've added it under the full name of Timothy Brian Hutchings, as it fits the book perfectly, but it also still has to be kind of searchable, so Tim Hutchings it is.

Anyway, here it is:

A Series of Improving Exercises or A Continued Introduction to Perspective Drawing Techniques Suitable for Intertidal Scapes and Still Lives; the Workbook, Volume II in a Series

Lets hope this doesn't get me fired into the heart of the sun, so to speak.

On a sidenote - before adding your book, doing a perfunctory search on the title 'A Series of Improving Exercises' got me one (1) result, and the title just fits in incredibly well:

The Fascinating Scent Tracking Workbook: A Series of Fun Exercises To Improve Your Dog’s Confidence and Your Handling by Susan H Eldred


You monster!

(One of my name dopplegangers wrote a book on boxer dogs and we are all lumped under the same author name on Goodreads.)


I'm especially interested in your 2012 work Creating Church Online: Ritual, Community and New Media

What I love about your work, is that anything is possible, and any title could be yours..!


The other professor me even presented at a game conference once, I think.  

this is very interesting - I’m going to surprise my daughter (who is an artist) with it!

Let me know how that goes.  


This is the kind of thing worth sneaking onto a library bookshelf, I love it.


If I had my way that would be the only way it is distributed.