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A freeform larp for exactly six people.  Less than two hours to play.  Suitable for players of all experience levels.  Low prep:  Six chairs, six printed scripts, two pencils.


It’s the evening of December 26th, 1972.  We are playing the crewmembers of a B-52 bomber participating in one of the largest bombing campaigns in history.  Codenamed Linebacker II, it was a combined maximum effort bombing campaign by the Seventh Air Force and US Navy.  It uses B-52s to strike into North Vietnam, concentrating on industrial and military targets in Hanoi and Haiphong.  It was the largest bombing campaign since WWII, launched in response to the breakdown of peace talks weeks earlier.    

Linebacker II is a parlor larp for exactly six players.  It can be played with or without a dedicated facilitator, but someone should be familiar with the game and have worked up safety mechanics and warm ups appropriate to the player group.

In this game we will alternate between scripted and improvised roleplay.  The entirety of the game happens in the bomber.  We will explore cruelty and friendship and fear.  


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LB_II_RulesVer0p51.pdf 151 kB
Script_CP_1.docx 131 kB
Script_EW_1.docx 135 kB
Script_Nav_1.docx 133 kB
Script_AC_1.docx 131 kB
Script_AG_1.docx 134 kB
Script_RN_1.docx 136 kB

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