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Hi Tim,

I tried to order the physical game but crapped up my order, forgetting to add the shipping for the uk.

can you advise the best way to pay this.

Happy to raise a second PayPal if that helps?


Graeme Bisland

Hi!  I'd've tracked you down pretty quick but thanks for figuring it out quickly!  Give me an email at and we'll figure it out.

Hello Tim! I ordered the hardcover book on 5/23 and am very excited!

Could I get a tracking number for my order? We have trouble with packages getting stolen around here so I’d like to keep track. Thanks!


You'll need to email me at and send me the email you used when you bought the game.  

Hi Tim!

Just purchased a book yesterday morning. Hoping to have it for a birthday coming up this Wednesday, a bit late with that order I know.

Is there a way to get a status update or tracking number just so I know what to plan for?

Email me at and we can figure out how to Fedex it or even overnight it.  

I’d bought the PDF hoping to use on my kindle but the current page layout and general slow-loading of PDFs on kindle make it unplayable.

 I saw that you’re working on a different page layout pdf and was wondering if there was a way you could run that through a PDF to MOBI converter before you add the copyprotection? 

I bought a physical copy in the meantime and look forward to checking it out! 

The first step is the non-spreads PDF.  If I haven't released that in a month please nudge me.  Once you have that you should be able to mobi it up yourself immediately as there's no protection on these PDFs.  

Sounds great! Thanks. 

Thanks for being understanding!
May I ask what sort of kindle you'd be using this on?  I have a paperwhite that I read every night but it can't handle heavy PDFs.  

I have the Oasis. I was hoping that this pdf would convert to a mobi the same way comic files or manga can, to be more easily browsed than a pdf. PDF as you pointed out work terribly on kindle. This would be a great book to have with me everywhere. 

I meant on my paperwhite ALL large files do badly, though I completely failed to say that.  I'll put the mobi thing on my list--I've made 'em before but never for anything this weighty.

Hey Tim,

I ordered a physical book about 11 days ago and haven't seen or heard anything since. I was thinking I'd get an email once the physical book was shipped.

Is it on its way? 


Please disregard. The book arrived today. It looks gorgeous. Fantastic work. Thanks!

Awesome!  I usually don't send out tracking numbers unless they are requested because the system isn't the smoothest interface.  Thank you for the book compliment!

Hi there. I would like to buy the hard cover book, but I already own the pdf. Is there a way to subtract these from each other? 

Also: when I try to purchase the book, PayPal tells me I give 56$ as tip. Is this normal?

Weird about the latter!  Email me your shipping country at and we'll figure it out.  

Hello! I was wondering by what method the book is delivered to Europe? (as in USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc..) And also, do you have any preliminary date on when the EU printed POD version might be available? And finally, will it be the exact same as is on sale here or will it be different somehow?

Thanks, and hope my questions make sense

I ship them USPS but for $15 more can ship UPS/Fedex direct from the warehouse.  The latter is faster.

The EU version might be on sale in a month.  It will contain the exact same information and the interior is identical in every way.  The only difference is the manner of the printing--the not-POD version has multiple types of foil and fancy treatment on the covers, ribbons, end papers, and "one step below museum grade" paper.  

I have always been happy with the quality of Drive Thru RPG/Lightning Source (and I'm picky) but, in this one over the top case, the offset is much, much nicer.

Hello! The form to give you an address for the physical book delivery isn't accepting my details. My PayPal payment should have included that information. Should I be worried, or is that okay?

Weirdly enough I don't seem to be able to look up orders by your itch username.  Can you email me at with your itch email address and mailing address? is unpredictable when and how it requests or captures and email address.  I can you look you up based on the requested info and see if I've shipped or not.  

Happy Sunday,

I was wondering around youtube when I heard about your one player game. I am very interested in buying it. I have a few of questions if you do not mine answering.

Is the $40.20 for the physical book form?

If it is the book form, will it have the corrections from the errors that the community found?

If the book version will not have the error corrections, when could you be able to have it updated?

How long does it take to receive a book version due to Covid -19?

How long is the general game play?



I was wondering around youtube when I heard about your one player game. I am very interested in buying it. I have a few of questions if you do not mine answering.

Is the $40.20 for the physical book form?  Yes.

If it is the book form, will it have the corrections from the errors that the community found?  No.

If the book version will not have the error corrections, when could you be able to have it updated?  In a new edition, if there is one.  No sooner than two years.

How long does it take to receive a book version due to Covid -19?  Usually 5-9 days after I ship (usually the next day), though there have been outliers taking up to 3+ weeks.  Overseas is is usually 2-4 weeks.

How long is the general game play?  There are two styles of play, one can take as little as two hours and the other can be stretched out for weeks.

Just out of curiosity: what kind of errors are there? 

Does one need to pay special attention towards these mistakes or are they minor?

They are all minor.  

Just received my hard copy and it really is beautiful. I am disappointed, however, since it seems my copy might have been over-glued and a number of pages are stuck together near the binding, tearing each other when I open them. I took a couple pics as example. 


Oh shit!  Please let me send a replacement copy!

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I don't know how to look you up by user name.  Please email me an address at

Thank you for sharing the photos.  This is the first book I've seen that had this problem.  

I notice that in TYOV_VER1_04, the character record says 'Three memories may be marked with a D for Diary' (pg 151), but page X says 'A Diary can hold up to four of your vampire's Memories'

Yep, that is 100% an error.  Go with the rules text.

Super game with a super layout

Super kind of you to say!


My physical copy arrived, and it is gorgeous.  Great job on the game!  I really like how flexible the prompts are about letting you make a unique story.

Heck my current game is an immortal with a shadow that likes to eat people and can only loosely be called a vampire.  Next game I'm going to try a man from the 1700s - the future and see how it works out.


I just played the game myself for the first time in a while and had a series of things occur that tied together so well and was so disturbing and full of potential that I had to stop playing.  This isn't a game I wrote, it's a game I discovered by luck.

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I'm enjoying playing through. Is this a good place to be asking for clarifications on the game, or do you have a subreddit or some other location you'd rather me ask? For now, however, Prompt 24, part 2-- each Experience is supposed to be a single sentence, so is this the same as saying "...the first Experience of any..."? Trying to be vague to not spoil. And, what does that mean for the cases of where all my Memories only have one Experience a piece currently?

edit: typo in Prompt 34 - says "or a destroy Resource" where it probably is meant to read "or destroy a Resource".


Yep, it would be clearer for it to say "Erase the first Experience from each of two Memories."

And:  Aw fuck, you're right!  You caught a full on no holds barred error!  DAAANG.  (Thank you)

Just purchased the hard copy a couple days ago. What is the time estimate for delivery?


I'd bet you'll have it in two weeks, tops.  Media mail was taking about five to seven days before the virus.  I shipped a bunch already and will ship another batch on Thursday.  

Loving this and have a physical copy on the way.

Any thoughts to expanding in the future with werewolves or other beings?  The vamp focuses on memories, a were could focus on principles and humanity for example.  This system has a ton of potential!


I wasn't thinking about it 'Universal Monsters' style but I have frameworks for both a werewolf game and a Frankenstein game.  The werewolf game has an invisible game that runs in the background that determines what the werewolf is doing in the dark and how it affects you as the unknowing human side of things.  Probably set in a specific village during the Thirty Years War.  

The Frankenstein game ain't worth talking about yet.  

The next two projects I hope to get out, though, are a game about becoming a lighthouse keeper and a game about soap carving.  The latter is the best, most grueling game I've ever made.  It uses a deck of cards and needs to be kickstarted and will happen this summer if the world isn't on fire.

I'm more of a fantasy or supernatural kind of guy so soap carving and lighthouses aren't really my thing lol.  But definitely unique at least!  Really like that werewolf idea and will gladly throw some money at it if it ever hits release though.

Either way I think you've got a great system here that you can build off of.  Even expansions could work where you roll a 1d3 and read from the new book on a roll of 1 in addition to or instead of the original prompt.  

There's certainly room for an expansion of the vampire game. 

I tried to get an academic who released a really interesting book to work on an expansion but they wound up declining.  There's not quite enough money in this to lure in all the people I'd like.

I bought this on drivethrurpg as a pdf recently, but I came here and registered on just to buy the physical copy because I wanted the physical copy so badly! Wonderful rpg. :)

Good choice, imo. I just received my physical copy and it is a work of art.

That does make me excited to hear! I've gotten to at least read the pdf a lot while I wait. I'm excited to try TYOV out, though part of me is tempted to wait for my first time so I can use the physical book when it gets here. Ah, the choices. :D

So here is a nit-picky detail I wonder. I'm playing through and have an experience that looks like it should belong in an existing memory, however that memory already has three experiences. Can I cross off one of the other experiences, or is it strictly entire memories that get crossed off?


If you are out of space then you're out of space.  You place that new Experience into another Memory slot and figure out how to relate it, or rewrite it entirely so it fits better.  You can also throw out a current Memory and start a new one.

Thanks for the reply. That's what I ended up doing anyhow. Fun game so far. :)


It's supposed to hurt a little!

Hi Tim, I grabbed myself a community copy of this a couple days ago (thanks so much for having that option!) but I’m having issues downloading it. I’ve tried a few different times but nothing ever loads. Any ideas on how to get it to download properly?

Aw jeez, I can't even guess at an side problem.  Email me at and I'll send you a different link.

Hi Tim, I'm a kickstarter backer and absolutely adore the game. So much in fact I bought a second hard copy to give to my brother. Problem is I don't get itch and I have no idea how to actually send it. I got an email confirming the purchase but it just had a link that sends me back to the main page here. Sorry is there is a DM function I should be using, hopefully you can delete this comment after the fact. 

Email me your shipping address at  I'm sorry about the confusion, it seems like people who pay via paypal aren't being given the option to put in a shipping address.  

(And thank you for buying the book to share!)

Interested in a hard copy to Australia. Cam you let me know postage? If high, I'm also interested in the pdf that will be printable so I can make  it into a book.

Many thanks

Shipping to Australia is so unfairly expensive!  Tell you what, if you are social isolating I'll send you one at the EU rate (70USD) and take any small loss on the shipping.  

And again:  I'm mortified that shipping is so expensive, I'm sorry.

I bought this game and it looks quite interesting.
However, in order to play it, I would like to print it double-sided, which is impossible with the current spread format.
Would it be possible to also get a copy that is single-page? Mind you, I do not want any changes to the content/pictures etc, just the ability to print single pages rather than having two glued together.
Thank you.

Oh!  Do you mean that you want to print out the Prompt section as a booklet and write on that?  

That never actually occurred to me.  

Actually, I want to print the entire book. I prefer to have my books at a handy size (A6), so I print them myself and put them in post card binders. I do not really like reading things on a screen, so printing things is kind of mandatory for me.


I'm about to travel all over but I'll put this on a list.  Check in come April and we'll see if I've gotten it done yet.

Just a heads up on this, if you take it down to Fedex, they can print almost anything double sided.  They use what’s called a preflight system to order the pages. The pdf may have to be unlocked, and these days almost nobody cares if it’s copyright protected. Though in this case if of course Tim doesn’t care, AND if they happen to ask at the shop, they will usually take an email from the copyright holder as permission to reproduce. Double sided color would be a bit pricy though. Maybe more than buying a physical copy.

I'm pretty darned okay with that!  BUT!  I need to release a page-by-page PDF so that a digital printout will be properly paginated when printed as a booklet.  It's on my list.

That’s exactly it : )

Btw, I emailed a question about the physical copy I ordered. Thank you so much for being so responsive here. I’m curious, are there any other games like your that you can recommend from other creators here? Cheers!

I love this game!!! i 've already played so many vampires and other monsters with it ^^ Fanx for having write it :)

Other monsters!  Sacrilege!  

How did playing not-vampires work out?

I played monsters who need to eat humans or drink blood too ^^ différents sorts of parasites. i've also played a sort of vampire from the french RPG Steamshadows. this vampire is a little bit different , more… reptilian ^^ in Steamshadows, there are lots of horrors who feed themselves with blood, flesh, feelings etc. i like it :)
TYOV is realy cool for creating a NPC and his diary that my others PCs will meet and read :)

Fanx again for your games and see you soon for the next ;)



I would like to know how much I need to add for a trip to France for a physicAL copy 

I am in France too, we should buy it together to get a discount on the shipping (if it's possible, and then send the other to you or to me)

Ça me va 

J'ai adressé également ma demande par courriel 

Je te tiens au courant 


Cool!!! Merci (je n'ai pas encore envoyé de demande, mais ça ne saurait tarder)

Shipping to France is $34 for a single book!  That's awful and I apologize.  That $34 will cover BOTH books if you awesomely combine your order!

I'm interested in ordering a print copy to be shipped to Canada, but can't seem to find a way to contact you through itch. Am I missing something obvious?

I'm bad at itch, I thought there was a way you could PM me.  My apologies.  If you can overpay by $10 that'll cover most of the shipping and I'll be good with that.  Overpay by $15 if you are feeling generous and want to cover all the shipping.  


Watch your email for shipment tracking.  I dropped in a little extra gimmick, too.  Email me at to get the PDF for the extra bit.