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This darned game won three ENnie Awards and the Tabletop Design Award from Indiecade!  How unlikely!  

A creaking hunter among dust and cobwebs, you prowl the night places, seeking the souls on which you feed. You have done this since time immemorial, or so you believe; you have no memories of  living as a man-thing like those you catch and eat. But human traces linger; your fingers trace clever arabesques in the dirt of your grave-place and with the flourishes come whispered songs in a language you've forgotten. Far away, in a museum, hangs your portrait in oil by a master five hundred years dead--you might have been lovers but the diary you kept then is long lost.  

Three Ennie Awards!  Gold for Best Rules and Best Production Value and silver for Product of the Year.  The Indiecade award from Tabletop Design!

188 fancy pages

play in a couple of hours or a couple of weeks

solo play, optional group play

Just got a super nice bit on Shut Up and Sit Down. 

Chimerical Realm does a great play through!

Thousand Year Old Vampire Arises on Kickstarter

Game State gives the game a go on youtube.

Tabletop Anarchy does a video review of the game.

Big Gay Nerds played it for Halloween.

Roll for Crit gives it a holler.

Note:  A non-graphic version of the rules text will be added as a download option, but probably not until summer.  A single-page-per-page  (not spreads) PDF will be available soon.

An US or EU-printed POD with cheap international shipping is available here.   Buy the fancy print book at thousandyearoldvampire.com.

Twitter = @timhutchingsftw


Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $15 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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Community Copy

These are copies for folks who cannot or choose not to purchase a PDF.  Please take one, no questions asked.  

Buy the print copy at www.thousandyearoldvampire.com

Print copies are now available through thousandyearoldvampire.com!  There are plenty of copies, ignore that bit below this sentence where it says "sold out."

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Hi, Tim,

I recently purchased the PDF and print version and both are great! Are there still plans to do a non-graphic version of the rules?

The zip where you got the PDF should also have a plaintext version!  Let me know if it's not there.

Thanks for getting back to me! Alas, I did not get a zip file; I bought it from Indie Press Revolutions and just got the PDF that came with my book.

OOOH! Email me at dearleadergame@gmail.com

Hi Tim! Was playing my first game with a woodworker in Italian Renaissance, when I got a prompt saiyng that a enemy used a lost resource to turn friends against me. Problem is that up to this point of the game I haven't lost any, so I'm a bit unsure of how to progress. Should I strike out a resource in this same prompt and use it or invent some object that maybe had a connection with me in the past?


In a case like this you can just make up a lost resource.  "My mother's amethyst pendant, long forgotten, now hangs around the neck of the young queen; whoever did this knew it would drive me mad, and now I have both the pendant and a midnight regicide to my name–I am hunted."

Hi Tim! First off, I just want to say that TYOV is fantastic. One of the best experiences I've had in gaming!

I had a question: In my copy under the "Diary" section (p. x) it says that "A Diary can hold up to four of your vampire's Memories." However, both the Play Examples and the provided character sheet say that a Diary can only hold up to three total Memories. What are your thoughts on this, is it three or four?

Yeah, that's a mistake all right!  I think four is the better number.  

Cool. Thank you!

Good afternoon! I pre-ordered Thousand Year Old Vampire + Secret Companion Book at April 15th, but still didn't get my PDF copy of the base game. Can we fix it? I'll be thankful for your assistance.


Sure!  Email me at dearleadergame@gmail.com

Now I'm happiest player ever. Thanks for your help!


Happiness is great!

Hi there I just finished my first game this afternoon and talking about an emotional rollercoaster.  This is a very good game.  It had me really stuck for a while in one of the journal entries and what to do.  I went with the flow and unstuck myself by asking "What would a thousand-year-old vampire do about x?"  

I can see why it won an award and how it can be played over and over.  Thanks Tim for designing a great game.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game!  

I worry that it's easy to get stuck.  I play a lot of games that require on the fly thinking and my brain has gotten oily and well trained for that sort of stuff.  TYOV walks a tricky path and sometimes I worry that the prompts are too specific, sometimes not specific enough.  

That's probably more a product of me thinking really hard about the question and the situation resonated with me rather than the quality of your work.  I think it's top-notch so I wouldn't try to think about them being too much or too little specific.  Each person playing the game will read the prompts through their own lenses and process the prompts through their experiences.   Which why I think the game is great. My bestie has the game too, so we compare the answers we each got after the fact. 


A tense, evocative experience - Thousand Year-Old Vampire is a thrilling experience that asks you to create a dazzling, decrepit world, and tear it apart, bit by bit. A beautiful tragedy.


Hi Tim, I bought a hardcover copy of TYOV from a FLGS and was wondering if you could hook me up with the PDF? I can provide you a receipt, of course. Thanks!


Yes!  Please take on of the Community Copies here on itch.  I am making an unlimited number of them available, so you aren't denying anyone by taking one.  


Great, that's what I was worried about. Thank you very much!


<high fives>

Hey Tim, just wanted to know if there was any update on Andy Action and whether they'd been snowed out for a little bit, or an estimate of when they might be getting things shipped. I haven't received a shipping email yet so I just wanted to check-in. Thanks for your help!

If your order hasn't shipped as of Friday then it will this coming week.  Email me at dearleadergame@gmail.com with your order number and all that if you have doubts.

Afternoon Tim, I bought two physical copies on Wednesday, but did not note a link to the pdf in the text purchase confirmation.  I sent an e-mail to dearleadergame@gmail.com asking about this on Wednesday and again on Friday when I received no response.

Any assistance would be appreciated as my friends birthday is today and I'd like to give them the pdf to look through until the physical books arrive.

Thank you for your time and assistance.

Did I ever email you back from dearleadergame?

You did.  Thank you very much for your time and assistance!  The PDFs were a great read and the physical books came in just in time for the arctic storm to take out my power and water. 


I'm glad you had the books to burn in an improvised fire barrel!

Hi Tim. Any chance to get a print version in Europe? I'm being told it won't ship to my address, and the PoD isn't up as far as I can tell.

The "can't ship" thing was a Shopify error that should be fixed.  This book will 100% ship to Europe.  


Hi Tim,

I'm trying to purchase the physical copyThousand Year Old Vampire from the website that you have linked but when I get to check out, the website says that no one ships to my location. I am in Texas so, I was confused.

I bet you put the pwyw pin in the cart, right?  There's some sort of shopify error around the pin.  Try it again now.

I'm having the same issue. I only have the physical book in my cart and it's telling me it can't ship to my california address.

Didn't have the pin in my cart, tried it again and still didn't work for whatever reason.

It was a Shopify error.  I think, THINK, I fixed it.  

Yep it is fixed! Thank you so much!

I appreciate how patient everyone has been with this!

Hi Tim,

I bought the PDF version and very much enjoyed playing your game. I am an experienced freelance translator and I would like to translate the book. 

Please shoot me a message here or on my gmail (which is my nickname here +@googlemail.com) if you think this would be interesting or if you have questions.

Could you possibly add bookmarks to one or both of the PDFs? It'd make it much easier to navigate.

That's a pretty reasonable request.  I'll put it on a list but it won't happen anytime soon–I'm worn out.

What sections do you actually want to see bookmarked?

I'm not sure but I *think* the average joe with the free Adobe PDF Reader can put in our own bookmarks. I ended up putting some in myself while playing online with some other folks for the first time:

  • Traits
  • Vampire Creation
  • Playing the Game
  • The Prompts
  • Appendix Five—Group Play
  • Play Examples

And that's all I needed. (Apologies in advance if I'm mistaken; I do happen to have Acrobat Pro DC through my company, but I swear I've done bookmarks even with the free version in the past.)


This is good stuff, thanks!

Is there a "best way" to print the pdf copy? I'm super excited to get started.

With the PDF you should have both spreads and single sheets.  You can tell some printing software to take the single page PDF and print it as a booklet which you can then try to staple.  

BUT:  Try playing off of the computer!  It's 188 pages or so to print and that's too much and just not necessary.  

I was planning on buying the PDF and then saw your note re: near and bought the print version of "Vampire" instead. Thank you for taking a stand.

I'm surprised at al the positive responses, to be honest!  


I've got the book version, which I love, but I really wanted to have physical sheets to write down my character's skills, memories, possessions, etc. I found the section at the back too little, so I made a pdf that other people can use too! But I don't know how to make it available, so I'll try here.


Great game!



amazing thanks a lot



One of the best games I have in my collection. Not only does this game flow and breathe with the concept, giving new life to what is a somewhat stale monster these days, this game is all about that sense of what you lose when you gain immortality.

I used this game to fill in a critical gap of a timeline in my world, and not only did it do an amazing job, it gave me many tendrils to explore as the world evolved around the four vampires in question and gave me impressive villains to use for any encounter. I already knew their motivation and I could tailor an encounter to fit in their timeline perfectly.

However, I have to say Tim offers 5-star customer service, and this is coming from a customer service representative. Not only was he constantly keeping us in the loop about updates, but he was also willing to get a replacement for me when I was afraid my physical copy went missing. Thanks to his openness to do so, I felt at ease and knew I would have something in my hands sooner rather than later. 

Luckily, USPS is still completely untrustworthy, but they did deliver and it made me feel better to know I could let him off the hook for their mistake in poor communication.

The book, both in digital and physical form, is a prized possession and one I go to often when I am world-building. If you need a great game, this is the one for you. Get your hands on this immediately!

Aw shucks!


I got my physical book in the mail today, ahead of my expectations!!! It's a lovely piece of work. Not everything about 2020 has been bad!


The book has fleas.  


I just received my print copy and it is gloriously beautiful. Thank you.

Hurrah!  Thank you!

Hi! I bought the book version back in June and have never gotten shipping confirmation or tracking or anything. When will my book ship?

Oh no!  Email me at dearleadergame@gmail.com.

Include the email you would've made the purchase with, your mailing address, and anything from itch.io that you might have.  Your user handle doesn't show a purchase so I need to know more.  

I just forwarded that email to you. Thanks for the response!

Hi! I bought the book version for a friend, and then thought of another who would love this game. I bought the PDF as it was too close to xmas, and have a confirmation email, but they say they never got the email? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Send me their email at dearleadergame@gmail.com and I'll figure it out.  

Not sure if this is the best place to post but if any ones in Winnipeg, MB and wants to do a group order to save on shipping let me know.

Canadian shipping for six is, I think, 45USD.  

Hello, any store's in Canada carry your book? I see Boardgamebliss.com had it but they are now sold out.

I'm not sure.  I sort of lose track. 

Thanks for getting back. I'll keep my eye open.

You can order from the UK cheaply, right?  Check in with 3rd Space Games.

Hey guys, this might not be the best platform to ask about this, but does anyone know anything about the second print edition? I ordered my copy on backerit, and didn’t receive any updates since the payment confirmation, so I don’t even know if it’s even ready or already out for delivery.  I’m not bothered by having to wait for shipping or whatever, some info would be nice though, if available. Thanks in advance

This is a fine place!  Go and dig through the spam folder on whatever email you used to order.  I've been sending out Mailchimp emails to the folks whose orders are delayed.

Basically:  Half the orders went through a fulfillment company that is refusing to do their job.  They've had the books since Nov 2 and haven't fulfilled ANY of the pre-orders.  I'm taking steps to move the books to a different shipper--if that goes absolutely smoothly some folks might start receiving books at the end of December.   Realistically expect yours in January.

I'm so unhappy about this that I have a hard time keeping up with the emails from folks who aren't getting the mailchimp blasts.  I hope to catch up with all that this coming week.  

Oof, that's rough. I came here to ask the same question because I haven't gotten any emails either. Thank you for the answer.  I hope it all gets sorted soon!

I need to figure out how to communicate with folks that aren't getting MailChimp emails.  I myself don't get mailchimp emails and nearly missed out on the IndieCade award because of it.  

Yesterday I had the brainstorm of setting up an 'away from office' reply on the main email that gives a summary of the situation.  Most of the folks who are emailing me are going to be emailing me because they fit the category of 'don't get the MailChimp' and 'want info about their books'.  

I haven't found any MailChimp emails, not sure if Google eats them. :)  I am a little disappointed it will only come in January, as I was hoping this could be a gift. (Now I have to find something to replace it for my wife, she said don't worry about it but that's a trap!)

I just discovered this communication forum.  Please ignore my email asking essentially the same questions.  Also note, emails are nowhere to be found in Gmail.

Yeah, I can't quite figure out why some folks don't get MailChimp emails.  I myself wasn't getting certain Mailchimp emails.  Yet there's no better way of email this many people.  


I just went to buy the the Hard Copy version being sold at thousandyearoldvampire.com.  That site does not have a secure connection (HTTPS) for the payment info and so credit card info is being sent in the clear to an unverifiable site.   I bailed out of the transaction and will wait until I can purchase a hard copy from somewhere that will protect my personal data and credit card info.

Yeah, something happened and I'm fixing it.  Email me at dearleadergame@gmail.com and we can do a paypal payment if you like.

Email sent :)

Hi Tim, I've emailed you as well.

Hi Tim, 

Did you get the email as the site is still only http not https.

I'm wondering about what the intended or best way to use the alternate prompts might be. They're numbered, so it's very tempting to just give them a go , but then I'm not sure how to treat the alternate first prompt or the alternate endings. The instructions say "save your original prompt page and use one of these in place of that number". I'm not sure exactly how that's intended. Maybe we get to prompt 32, and it feels like too much of a curveball (32 is always like that for me) or we've had it a couple games in a row, and we just decide we want something else? So then we flip to the Alternate Prompts and just peruse them until we find something we like? And of course when we roll the dice we jump from our saved position at 32. Is that about right? Seems pretty indulgent!

I'm tempted to do some reordering and see if I can't make the alternate prompts feel time-appropriate like the main list.


Randomly swapping out an alternate for an over-used primary Prompt is pretty much the idea.  There's no required way to do that, rolling is fine or whateve.r

An absolutely heartwrenching game about the passing of ages. It's even great to play if you have any interest in immortals in general, just mentally gloss over the vampire stuff as that's not as important as the idea that all memories turn to dust in the end. Depending on rolls and creativity, you could play a Scottish highlander who gets unceremoniously offed within the first century of his life, an Ancient Egyptian warrior who ultimately leads his kind to rule the world, or a Regency dandy who makes himself mortal in the modern era only to contract the 'Rona. So many ways to play, and all you truly need is the game and something to write with.

If you're still 'um'ing and 'ah'ing about buying it, watch Dicebreaker on Youtube livestream it. They'll show you how to play multiplayer, which is possible with this.

I never thought about using it in a multiplayer session, this is awesome, thanks!

Incredible. Just when I thought I had seen everything from the single-player RPG genre, here comes a gorgeous game with novel mechanics that helps you tell unique vampire stories. I've watched as my vampire turned into a mole-like monster and burrowed for centuries beneath the dirt. I've had ancient Greek vampires forget everyone they knew and then be trapped forever.

The book itself is an artifact I will treasure forever. 

A burrowing mole vampire sounds amazing!

Hi Tim, I just picked your game. Incredible stuff. Do you have any tracks or albums you'd recommend to put on a Thousand Year Old Vampire playlist?


ooooh, that's a good one. 

The game was written under the influence of the two Tubeway Army albums.  They were just on repeat pretty much the whole time, mixed in with some other new wave stuff.  Maybe the Black Mass album by Mort Garson, too.  But those aren't a play list, and I can't add much more!

(1 edit)

I made a Spodify playlist (https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1MvdOgZ4VDUw3EKz9EVrCt?si=xWZurH3YQdqwko1udfXq...). It's a hodgepodge of stuff that I think fits the theme of the game. It's more meant to be put on shuffle and play in the background while writing. I'm also not quite finished adding songs to the list.

I'm glad the Mort Garson stuff made it on there!  

May I share this on the twitter?

Sure, but it's very much a work in progress right now. I'm also a cast member on the Technical Difficulties Gaming Podcast. I'd appreciate it if you could say that Ben from @techdiffgp made the playlist.

Hi folks, we're a bricks and mortar store based in the UK, and we have books coming from Tim! If you'd like to order one through us you can! The link is here... https://www.3rdspacegaming.co.uk/products/thousand-year-old-vampire-us-edition
Cheers, Jonathan

Hi Tim, I have a shipping update question. Ordered 2 copies back in June on the 1st printing and haven't received my physical copies yet, can you provide an update? Thanks!

Email me your, uh, email and shipping info at dearleadergame@gmail.com.  I'll check.

I REALLY wanted to buy this in physical form but I live in EU so I can't really afford shipping. Maybe one day I will buy it anyway, in the meantime I'm going to download the community copy. BTW is the community copy a full copy of the book? Seems too good to be true!

Order it through 3rd Space Games in the UK.  It'll be somewhat cheaper.  Or email me in December at dearleadergame@gmail.com

The community copy is the same as what paying folks get.  Everybody should have games.  

3rd space games copies are sold out, guess I'll mail you in december :D 

Email 'em.

Email 'em.

Hey there! Our pre-orders are now open. Here... Linky

Tried to order 4 copies to Germany - unfortunately it seems the only option then it "local pickup", which makes no sense.

That doesn't make any sense at all.  Go order through thousandyearoldvampire.com.  Email me at dearleadergame@gmail.com if that doesn't work.  

Sorry about that. I've had a look and it seems we didn't tell the checkout what to do at the next level up in shipping weight so it reverted to the default. Hopefully Tim has you covered, but I didn't like to leave such an irritating mystery unsolved!


I really want to buy this POD from Drivethru (as I'm european, the printed version is cost prohibitive for me) - but the POD isn't working? Do you know what's going on?

Yeah, there was something screwed up with the POD file causing a gross error and when they came back to me to fix it they then requested a level of color management above and beyond the default.  It made a minor fix into a big fix.

I didn't think there was enough of a demand for a POD version to really worry about it, so I pushed it to the back burner.  

Email dearleadergame@gmail.com in early December and we'll talk about this.


Thanks for the reply! I'll definately get back to you.

Hello! I ordered the $15 pdf, but I haven't been charged yet, and it says the files are pending in the email. Is that right? When will things be "locked down"? 

I have no idea!  That's all a new one on me.  

Contact support@itch.io and take a free Community Copy in the meantime.  

Sounds good :) 

let me know how it turns out.

Hm.. I purchased through Backerkit, does that make a difference? 

Oh, that's good to know.  You should've gotten it through BK immediately.  Still, get a CC here until it gets figured out.

Hi there. I bought a digital copy and would like a physical version too. Are there any plans to sell the book through retail stores as shipping to me is too dear.

Retail stores can buy it wholesale through IPR or Blackbox (or me directly).  Tell your local folks that you want it!

Hi tim, 

I'm keen to buy but am living in France at the moment. Backerkit are charging $37 for shipping which seems way over priced. Can you please have a chat with the distributor and ask them why they are charging such high prices? Also, can you tell me if you will be distributing the book through other platforms, such as Amazon.


That's the actual cost of shipping, unfortunately.  It's sent Fedex, regular post would be about 5usd cheaper but take four weeks or more.  

Thanks Tim. A brilliant and elegant "game" that is probably the best of its kind. Just amazing. It was worth the wait!

Thank you!

I really hate to add myself to the list of people pestering you for shipping updates, but I would really appreciate some reassurance that my order is actually in the pipeline somewhere.

I don't see an order under this username for itch.  Email me your order email and shipping address at dearleadergame@gmail.com.  

Is it possible that you pre-ordered on Backerkit?  That won't ship until late Octo/Nov.

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