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Shipping on physical copies is on hold until the week of July 13th.

If the print copies are sold out here are your options:

  1. Run over to IPR and see if they have copies.  
  2. You can order the POD EU version from DTRPG.  Cheap worldwide shipping but the book isn't as fancy.  Instead I recommend...
  3. Pre-order the second printing over at Backerkit.  I expect it will ship in September or October.  It -should- immediately give you a PDF, too.

A creaking hunter among dust and cobwebs, you prowl the night places, seeking the souls on which you feed. You have done this since time immemorial, or so you believe; you have no memories of  living as a man-thing like those you catch and eat. But human traces linger; your fingers trace clever arabesques in the dirt of your grave-place and with the flourishes come whispered songs in a language you've forgotten. Far away, in a museum, hangs your portrait in oil by a master five hundred years dead--you might have been lovers but the diary you kept then is long lost.  

188 fancy pages

play in a couple of hours or a couple of weeks

solo play, optional group play

Just got a super nice bit on Shut Up and Sit Down. 

Chimerical Realm does a great play through!

Thousand Year Old Vampire Arises on Kickstarter

Game State gives the game a go on youtube.

Tabletop Anarchy does a video review of the game.

Big Gay Nerds played it for Halloween.

Roll for Crit gives it a holler.

Note:  A non-graphic version of the rules text will be added as a download option, but probably not until summer.  A single-page-per-page  (not spreads) PDF will be available soon.

An US or EU-printed POD with cheap international shipping is available here.  

Twitter = @timhutchingsftw


Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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If the print copies are sold out here are your options:

  1. Run over to IPR and see if they still have copies.  
  2. You can order the POD EU version from DTRPG.  Cheap worldwide shipping but the book doesn't have the fancy trimmings.  Instead I recommend...
  3. Pre-order the second printing over at Backerkit.  I expect it will ship in September or October.  It -should- immediately give you a PDF, too.


Hardback, 188 color pages, multiple types of foil and cover treatments, disgusting and decadent.  

Free shipping in the US.  Most packages are being sent Smart Fedex.  Expect delivery within ~7 days.  

International Shipping:  

Pay $75USD total (book+shipping) for UK/Netherlands 

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Pay $60USD total (book+shipping) for Canada

Pay $65USD total (book+shipping) for Mexico

Type the total into the paybox after selecting this reward.

(I'll contact you if there are shipping cost discrepancies of any significance.)

Multiple copies:  Add $40 per additional copy to your total in the pay box, no additional shipping.  

Significantly Cheaper Shipping:  Less fancy POD version available here.  Originates in UK or US.  Ships for $5-10 worldwide.

I increased the shipping costs slightly on June 29.

Four books

Order this to get print copies of:

Thousand Year Old Vampire, hardback 

The Complete The Oracle, hardback

The Habititition of the Stone Giant Lord, softback

Everything is Dolphins , softback

US shipping free.  Canada pay $150 total.  Elsewhere pay $175.  Enter this number in the pay box.


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Hi Tim,

I'm looking to get the physical copy, but they're all sold out. Just curious when there may be more, if there will be?

Thanks so much, excited to play!


Hi folks!  The warehouse folks told me the earliest they'd be shipping would be July 13th and (as of last week) things should be shipped by the 21st at latest.  I gave them a nudge today about when it'd go out but didn't hear back yet.  I'll send out a group email when I know more.

Hey! I’m not sure how to go about getting a tracking number for my physical copy.  Do we contact you directly or is there a contact email for black box to follow up? 

Blackbox hasn't shipped yet, though they will any day.  When they do you'll get a note from them.

Loving playing this - really fun!

Question:  as you receive prompts, should the experiences be RP'ed as if they happened in chronological order - a) within each memory and b) regardless of memory?  

i've played it once where I added experiences to each separate memory in a chronological order within those individual memories.  However, as a whole, each prompt did not result in an experience that was chronologically following the prompt that preceded it.   This worked out ok, but I found it hard to tell the actual story flow.

The second time, I forced myself to create the experiences in chronological order, regardless whether I added them to the same memory i'd used for the previous experience, creating an absolute chronology that was created exactly how I received each prompt.  It makes "forgetting" more of a patchwork of things - there were gaps in my vampires memory that came in between other experiences.

I know the answer is that probably both are OK and that its just preference.  I'm still curious what the original intent was and how others have been playing.

I never even thought of that 1st option, and I'm not sure I understand how that would work! So you get a prompt, decide which memory to add it to, and that decides roughly the time period it occurred in? Sounds interesting.

ya - that’s kinda how i was doing it...

But even when i did play it the second way, i’m still unsure...

When I play it I'll add something to Memory A, then something to B, then something to A again.  The Memories will have a consistent thread but there will be big jumps.  If the Stork Lord was dead but I'm wanting to put something else in that Memory that's all about him,  I need to somehow relate it back in some sense.  It becomes a challenging stricture to the writing. 

Also it doesn't break if you don't do it.  

When do you know if the 2nd printing will have EU warehousing? Wondering which version I should get. 

I'm almost positive that the pre-order shipment of the 2nd printing will not benefit from EU warehousing.  It'll all rush out Fedex.  

I do hope to figure out how to put stuff on a boat for the EU but, holy shit, that stuff is hard to figure out.  

(1 edit)

Hi Tim! Your game is literally the best RPG out there imo, and I've played a lot of them. I recommend it whenever possible.

One thing - my copy has the gold leaf printed significantly off, clipping over the faux-labels on their tops and not starting for a while after their bottoms. Is there something I can do to rectify this at all? It's fine if it's not within your power, since there's a print company between you and all that. I'm happy to have the book at all, but I figured I'd ask.

Edit: to add pic.

Oh fuck, that one is WAY off.  Congratulations on the mis-printiest one of the bunch.  Many of the books have an amount of variance with the gold treatment but you won the prize.  

I'm going to ask you to email me about this in October after the second printing is out.  Is that cool?  

Yeah, that'll work! Thanks!

It's great to see the kindness and generosity to offer community copies to people on the honour system. Makes me even happier to support this body of work and the BG community. #muchlove


The community copies system is awesome!  And it works because other folks buy 'em!


What sort of errata was I the first edition? IF I consider getting the first Ed from elsewhere, will I be getting a less good version than backing the second ed? Thanks!


I asked via Twitter https://twitter.com/TimHutchingsFTW/status/1281411233137061888?s=19


Hi, will the second printing of the book be shipped from the US? Also, is the EU pod version on DriveThru already sold out...? Sorry if you already answered these questions, I read the whole page + comments but I couldn't find any info

The DTRPG thing is fixed.  Somehow the POD option was turned off.  

The 2nd printing ships from the USA.  My fulfillment warehouse is shifting ownership and I'm hoping that they'll be able to offer overseas warehousing.  

Is there a different way to  get a physical copy?

For Germany the shipping cost is 37€. That almost doubles the price of the book.

https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/306279/Thousand-Year-Old-Vampire has POD versions that are much cheaper.  Shipping to Germany is $5USD I think.

The shipping to the EU for the offset fancy book is outrageous and I'm sorry.  If you can catch me when things are slower I can send a book via the regular post and it's about $10usd cheaper.  

I hope that the second edition gets an EU warehouse to ship from, which would cut down cost.

I realized I undercharged myself for shipping to canada 50$ instead of 60$ how would I go about fixing this, adding 10$?

I'll send out an email.

Hi Tim!
Do you have any more information on The Complete The Oracle, The Habititition of the Stone Giant Lord, and Everything is Dolphins? I'd love to know about the other three books in your combo pack!





Thanks Tim! Your other projects look great, but I decided to order a hardcover copy on its own. Best of luck with the rest of the stock!



Just ordered this as a present, (and one for myself).  Looks amazing, can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Hello timhutchings, just to confirm, if i paid for the physical book, put in $120 ($80 + $40) and entered a European address in the info, you'll automatically send 2 physical copies once the warehouse issues clear up?


(1 edit) (+2)

I am so excited to get my copy of this. Ha I messed up when entering my address so it appears I am in the queue! The 13th is my birthday too so it will be my self present!

For those confused - when you purchase the physical copy the receipt that is emailed to you will have a link to your digital PDF - Go to your digital Item and you will see the box you selected with the same info as above. At the bottom you will see a link to enter your address info. Its easy to miss this site caters more to the digital purchases.  

Oh, that's helpful!  It didn't look like that back when I figured this out.


Hi! I bought the physical copy about a week ago, and I still haven’t received a shipping confirmation. Can you please verify that my book is coming? 


Same here. How can I get a confirmation? Thanks!

If you ordered/updated your address after June 25 then you are most likely caught in the warehouse delay and won't see shipping info until after July 13.  

Once we're sold out, prob tomorrow, I'll send out a bulk email to anyone who doesn't have their address entered properly.  


Can't wait to get my physical copy, but in the mean time I've been enjoying myself using the PDF.

I did have a question though:
If diaries are Resources (which means they can be lost) and there are effects that let you recover resources, can you recover a diary? If so, what happens if you have an active diary at the time? Or can you just not make that choice? I'm guessing that you just can't, but I'd appreciate some insight into the intent.

Also, thank you for making me find a way to murder someone via meditation. You know how it goes; you space out for a hundred years, everyone you know dies, and suddenly you have that unquenchable hunger and your only skills are Fishing, Meditating, and Law.

I was wondering this, too.  I also had a question about prompt 17: "Check a violent Skill or appropriate Resource" - what does it mean to "check a resource"? Strike it out?

I think that was supposed to be "check a skill" or "lose a resource."

I did find a similar typo on #34: "Lose a precious Memory or a destroy Resource." ("Destroy" and "a" should be in the other order). I'd also suggest altering the wording so that "precious" applies to the resource as well.

Thank you for error-catching!  I appreciate it!

I think it's very reasonable to have two Diaries at once under those conditions. 

Being forced to use Skills and Resources in surprising or unwanted ways is one of my secret delights in this game.  

Thanks! It never ended up being a problem I had to deal with (never lost the only diary I made) but it was niggling in the back of my mind as a what-if.

There's a lot of fine detail in this that I absolutely love (just discovered that the back cover--at least in the PDF--has been torn off revealing page 153).

My first run ended earlier today (er, yesterday, its after midnight) and my character's final regret was that he didn't have the books he owned since childhood to keep him company for the interminable eons (prompt 65 saw to that, you have no idea how painful that was). On the flip side, prompt 52 also ended up being *absolutely perfect* for him as well as he saw himself as a guardian of nature.

(1 edit)

I just bought the physical deluxe copy. I paid $ 50 and thought that the shipping cost (Netherlands) would be automaticaly recalculated. Instead I was notified that I "tipped" you for $ 40 ?! Please let me know how to make up for the shipping cost and confirm that I will actually receive the physical copy (<>POD-version). Thanks!

So:  When you buy on itch anything above the minimum is considered a tip.  Your minimum should've been 50 but I'm not always sure what things look like from the buyer side.  

Itch can't do shipping calculations so you need to add the shipping in.  It's like it's 00s and we're buying from a comic shop's homemade website.  

I'll send you an email with the shipping total and payment method.



Hi Tim, Thanks for your reply! No problem, I understand. When I get your email I'll make the additional payment for the shipping. The PDF looks great; the physical copy must be awesome!

I've bought it just now  and haven't received any confirmation email. I paid $80 to get the US version to EU. When should I get any notification and how long until I get the book?


There is a warehouse delay until after July 13th.  I'll be sending out another email about it soon.

Couldn't follow your instructions here, unfortunately. Had to reply to your e-mail. Sorry.

Hi, just wanted to confirm that my order was received too.


There is a warehouse delay until after July 13th.  I'll be sending out another email about it soon.

If there is a problem with your order I'll be emailing you from dearleadergame@gmail.com.


I recently bought a physical copy of the game, but I understand you are facing some warehousing issues...Itch.io's interface is a bit strange, so I just wanted to confirm my address information was received. 

Thanks in advance!

There is a warehouse delay until after July 13th.  I'll be sending out another email about it soon.

If there is a problem with your order I'll be emailing you from dearleadergame@gmail.com.

Hello, I ordered a physical copy last week but have not received a confirmation email. I just wanted to confirm that my order and info was received. 

There is a warehouse delay until after July 13th.  I'll be sending out another email about it soon.

If there is a problem with your order I'll be emailing you from dearleadergame@gmail.com.

Hi Tim: Sorry to bother, as I am sure there is a lot going on right now - I also purchased a physical copy, but was unable to enter a shipping address. I tried clicking on the link you provided in the comment below to twallach but it just brings me back to this same page, and I can't seem to find a place to enter my address info. Any further clarification you can provide would be appreciated. Thank you. 

Follow up: I had sent it as a gift, and I managed to update the address by having the recipient email me their confirmation email for the pdf. Sorry for the confusion.

hi I just bought the $50 version thinking I was buying the actual physical copy, but the order process is very confusing as there is a download link and no indication that the physical copy was the version purchased. Can you confirm whether it was in fact the physical copy and that it will ship and is not just a download? Thanks!

If you paid $50 you're getting a physical book, fear not!  I'll check on things in a little bit.


This happened to me too. Is there any way to have a confirmation of the purchase of the physical copy? Also the shipping address is in Portugal so I think I have to pay extra for the shipping, since I only paid 50$ +11,50$VAT. Could you confirm that?

Is it still possible to buy the book even with the warehouse issue ?
I'm trying to buy it for EU, tipping 80$, but it keep adding 10$ more, and I don't know why


You'll get the book if you buy it, it's just going to ship later.  How much later?  That's what I don't know yet.

I bought two copies a couple of days ago but haven't seen any email from Blackbox. Any idea whether it went through or when I could expect my delivery?

I'm betting your order didn't make the cut before the fulfillment company decided to move my stuff to another warehouse.  I'll be sending out an email to everyone affected as soon as I figure out what's going on.



So the warehouse today set about the process of moving all my stuff to another warehouse.  I don't know how long this will delay orders but I'll email you all as soon as I find out.  

I wish I could pin this post.


Thanks for keeping us updated.

Do you happen to know the order dates that this warehouse change affected? I ordered a US version on Friday (June 26) and have not yet received a shipping  email.


Good question!  Your Friday order was probably affected because they didn't process the batch I sent on Monday.  

I'm going to send an email out to all affected orders once I have a delay estimate from the warehouse.

Hola! i just bought a print version of the book for $50, but it never asked me for a shipping address, and the confirmation email only references the downloadable version. What'd I miss?

What you didn't miss is itch.io being bad at handling physical object sales.  

 Go to here and click "Download" then scroll down and "Provide Information" or "Update Information" and put in your address.  If that doesn't work you can email me the address here, but that'll slow things down a bit.

I see that the shipping charges to Canada have changed. (Which is fine!) Um, how do I correct it and will I receive confirmation that it has been sent?

Can't want to play! (waiting for the book eagerly -- I love the look of it!!) :)

If you ordered before the shipping charges changed then you're fine.  Don't worry about it.  

Thank you! <3 

I've been playing this most nights before bed, it is absolutely enchanting! I think it's ingenious how the rules work to create the exact story themes that define the feel of the game, while still being tense and engaging, and still offering players enough narrative freedom to express themselves. I absolutely cannot wait for my physical copy, and you sir have turned me onto solo/journaling RPGs for life!


I recommend Princess With a Cursed Sword and then Magizoology next!

(1 edit)


I am afraid I made a mistake. I ordered the book, but am from Europe, and didn't write anything other than 51 dollars in the box. The total came out at 62 dollars, but thats not enough. 

Is there any way we can reverse the payment, or I pay you the remaining money for express shipment to EU? Like, purchasing the PDF version for the remaining money?



I'll email you!


I realize you are busy, but just in case I missed something - I haven't heard anything yet from you.

Best regards!


Watch for an email tomorrow, I think.  


As per request, I updated my adress information again. I still haven't heard anything regarding the missing money I need to pay you :-)

I am sorry if this is me being impatient, but I am not a thousand year old vampire with that kind of patience ;-)

I'll send it tomorrow.  Thank you for checking in!

Hi Tim,

I still haven't heard anything?

Best regards


I haven't sent anything out yet to anyone.  I've been sick enough since Friday that I'm not trusting myself to manage excel documents.  I'm sorry.  I'll do it soon.  It won't slow down your book at all.  

Oh, I am not worried about slowdowns - I just want you to have the money you should for the book and the shipping! Get well ! :-)

hi, ordered the physical copy of 1000 Year Old Vampire yesterday, I noticed the postage rates went up since then and I wondered if that is something I need to correct in my payment.

You should be good.  Don't worry about it.

Heya, bought the hardcover several days ago but haven’t had a confirmation... everything go through all right?

Watch for an email from Blackbox tomorrow!

Still haven't received anything from Blackbox, or anyone else... the order says "Fulfilled" but I've received no confirmation... help?

hey Tim! Just bought your book on the 28th. Wanted to see if you had a prospective date for shipment? I know we’re all curious and I’m sure a comment in when they’re going out will help you fro getting flooded with “where are my book” questions. Thanks brother! Excited for your book to arrive.

Watch for an email from blackbox, probs tomorrow.

Hello Tim, there is a "Get for $50" option for the Print copy of the book, is this still the same gold foiled version and does that price apply to International shipping to Asia to or am I stuck with paying $80?

The $50 is the basic cost of the book, with shipping, in the US.  Folks outside the US pay the total in the shipping area below so if you're in Australia you need to pay $80USD.  I've switched prices to the Fedex-from-the-warehouse price because I'm too swamped to ship through the post office by hand.  Shipping is -awful- and I'm sorry.

If you contact me directly Friday or later I can offer you a cheaper postal rate.  It'll be $68-70.  It's possible that I'll be sold out of books by then but unlikely.

The DTRPG option to Australia should cost $40-45USD but it does not have the foil and fanciness.  Also, it'll never sell out.  

(1 edit)

Hi Tim,

I'm still waiting to hear back on confirmation regarding my order from etiher email or comments here.

Edit: I have emailed you as requested and also replied to your comment but not heard any response back. The speed that this is evolving has me very concerned.


I figured it out and emailed you!

For others who might see this:  When two emails are attached to your account things can get sticky.  Also, if I don't respond in a day please email me again.  

Thanks so much for getting back to me. Congratulations on the award! I can't wait to start playing. Ordinarily I'd not be so anxious about hearing back but this book is flying off the shelves, metaphorically.


People!  Thousand Year Old Vampire has been nominated for THREE ENNIE AWARDS!




Thank you!

Well deserved, well done!

Hi Tim,  sorry to post here, but on Friday I purchased a print copy of TYoV but inadvertently entered my email incorrectly.  As such I haven't received a confirmation email.  Besides correcting my email address in my account settings, what else can I do?

ah!  email me at dearleadergame@gmail.com.  include old and new emails.

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