It is just a perspective drawing manual. No really.
A quiet game of techobabble. 2022
A three person autobiographical Zinequest game from 2021.
Ha, this is fun? What? A game you play by throwing numbers of fingers and there's no sad tricks? wtf hutchings. 2022,
A solo, outdoors physical game exploring a near future
Experimental freeform/larp, let's rediscover a lost Menander play in the least best way
Two person freeform thing about the end of the world.
An upsetting game about a tiny person hiding under a cup.
Super light larpish Inferno
opinionated crows try to solve a mystery
A walking around kindalarp.
A simple freeform game you get to play once a year.
A storytelling freeform game.
A six person, two hour freeform larp about a bomber crew in Vietnam.
A freeform larp-like about carp that might overeat and are maybe magic.
A documentary about alien culture.
Pretend to make motorcycle sounds
Chop a hole in a great work of art.
PDF and HARDBACK available. A beautiful, sad, solo RPG about the crush of time and vampires.
You have little to say.
A game about starting and feeling things but with your fingers, not your heart.